Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SRS Medical Launches personalmed.com, Patient Website for Female Pelvic Health

BUSINESS WIRE--SRS Medical today announced the launch of a new patient website, www.personalmed.com, devoted to female pelvic health. The launch announcement was timed to coincide with the ACOG conference (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) in New Orleans, where SRS Medical is conducting a physician survey to help in fine tuning the site.

SRS Medical is a leading manufacturer of equipment for urodynamics, the diagnostic procedures that are the standard of care for patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). Kevin M. Connolly, CEO, states, Working in the medical technology space, we are very aware that we are reaching only a small percentage of the women with pelvic problems, even though physicians now have very effective interventions. Personalmed is an outreach initiative to draw more women with pelvic problems into the healthcare system. It is intended to assist physicians by providing their patients with a single source for authoritative information and clinically proven products for first-line therapy, as well as a forum for sharing related experiences.

Although reliable numbers for most pelvic problems are limited, urinary incontinence alone is known to affect over 13,000,000 adult women in the U.S., with similar prevalence in most developed countries. As common as this and other pelvic problems are, patients are still reluctant to discuss them. According to National Association for Continence (www.nafc.org), a leading patient advocacy group, many women with incontinence never seek help from a physician and those who do wait an average of seven years.

Personalmeds goal is to increase patient comfort with their pelvic problems via basic education and peer discussion. Personalmed will provide information concerning incontinence, sexual problems, post-natal pelvic care, pelvic pain, chronic constipation, etc., as well as a blog refereed by nurse specialists. In addition, personalmed will sell selected OTC products, such as the StepFree vaginal weights. Since personalmed is Dedicated to restoring dignity and quality of life to all women, it will also donate a portion of its revenues to support worthy related causes. In 2008, personalmed will donate 3% of all net sales to: The West Africa Fistula Foundation.

SRS Medical Systems, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation with facilities in Redmond, WA and Billerica, MA. To learn more about SRS Medical and its products, please visit http://www.srsmedical.com.

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