Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pregnancyplanet.net launched by Webpartners LLC for parents to get pregnancy related information and connect to the community on internet.

PREGNANCYPLANET.NET is one of the most comprehensive websites over the internet that provides its users with all the information they need related to pregnancy. This recently launched website provides free pregnancy information to anyone who visits this website. When a couple hears the news that they are going to have a baby they find themselves both excited as well as getting worried about many factors like what will happen during the pregnancy, how the baby will be born, how much will a hospital cost and many other such questions. PREGNANCYPLANET.NET provides information related to all these and many other issues that a couple will face during and after pregnancy.

There are many other useful feature offered by PREGNANCYPLANET.NET. One worth mentioning is the pregnancy calculator. This tool is ideal for those who want to know the expected date of delivery of the baby. Using this tool is also quite easy as the expecting mother will only need to enter the last date of which she had the period. Using a predetermined formula the pregnancy calculator will give the expected date of delivery.

Advices and tips are always welcomed by everyone during pregnancy. Whether you are pregnant for the first time or the third your experience will prove to you that each time is different them before and thus you will need to take care of yourself differently. PREGNANCYPLANET.NET provides you healthy pregnancy tips, online pregnancy guides, pregnancy advices etc. Tips and advices are also published on this website related to parenting. Everyone knows that parenting is much difficult then pregnancy and thus special care needs to be taken when raising a child. PREGNANCYPLANET.NET also has a Parenting Community which allows parents to communicate with each other, discuss problems, swap tricks and much more. Based on information gather from this community and other such resources PREGNANCYPLANET.NET provides its users with lots of parenting tips.

A member of the administration of PREGNANCYPLANET.NET said "Our aim is to provide the parents and parents-to-be with a platform where they can communicate with others out there, talk with those who are in a similar condition as them and share their own experience".

Books and magazines have long proved to be an important part of any household. PREGNANCYPLANET.NET has a wide collection of parenting books, pregnancy books, fertility books and many other such topics. PREGNANCYPLANET.NET also issues a weekly Parenting Magazine online. It contains useful information regarding pregnancy diseases, problems related to children, expert's reviews and much more. Maternity shopping, Parenting shopping, parenting supplies, Pregnancy supplies are some of the other facilities that are provided by PREGNANCYPLANET.NET.

Whether you are looking for advice, tips, books, or trying to find the place to shop for your maternity cloths you will find it all at PREGNANCYPLANET.NET. It has proven to be one of those websites that contain everything you can think of.

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