Thursday, May 8, 2008

Knee Specialist Dr. Patrick Barry Performing New Non-Surgical Procedure That Eliminates Knee Pain, Helps Patients Avoid Knee-Replacement Surgery

BUSINESS WIRE--Patrick Barry, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and knee specialist, today (May 7, 2008) announced he has developed an effective alternative to surgery that helps eliminate knee pain and helps patients avoid knee-replacement surgery, which is the traditional treatment for chronic knee pain. The new procedure helps patients enjoy increased mobility and return to normal activities.

The manipulation-mobilization procedure, which Dr. Barry pioneered and perfected during the past three years on hundreds of cases in the US and abroad, takes a few minutes to perform in the office. It enables many patients, some of whom entered the doctors office by limping or using crutches or walkers, to immediately stand, walk freely without assistance and climb stairs without pain. Some of these patients already had surgery at other facilities but still suffered from knee pain.

This new procedure is an effective alternative for those who have been told surgery is their only option to relieve knee pain, and it also has value for those who have not had surgery and would like to avoid it, as well as those who have been undiagnosed and told there is nothing wrong, says Dr. Barry, who has performed more than 10,000 knee surgeries during his extensive medical career. Many patients find their knee pain persists even after surgery and they spend years on pain medications and in physical therapy, only to later be told by their doctors that they need additional surgeries. Since I began offering this treatment, I am performing far fewer surgeries. Patient satisfaction has risen dramatically, as this treatment helps restore patients quality of life and dignity.

Dr. Barry says the procedure is beneficial for patients of all ages and body weights. Almost all patients show significant improvements and pain reduction within seconds after undergoing the procedure.

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