Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GA Lyme Disease Association Announces New Website

The Georgia Lyme Disease Association is pleased to officially announce the publication of our new website: www.GeorgiaLymeDisease.org

In our first few weeks, our website had over 2,500 hits!

When it comes to tick-borne illnesses, our mission at the Georgia Lyme Disease Association is to urge citizens in Georgia and across the Southeast to take preventative measures seriously. We want folks to learn to recognize the early signs and symptoms of these often misunderstood, grossly underreported diseases. We encourage our medical providers to stay informed with the newly emerging tick-borne disease research data and medical treatment options and information. We also work to help patients and their family members by offering TBD education, monthly support group meetings, and online support.

We believe our citizens and healthcare providers will find our Lyme in the Southeast page of particular interest. It contains links to numerous southeastern scientific studies and news articles, confirming the dire need for more discussion and education about Lyme disease in the South. The article, “Lyme Disease in Georgia and the Southeast: A Twenty Year Review”, additionally cites 45 credible sources documenting our ongoing regional Lyme disease problem- a problem that has been ignored for far too long.

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