Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Governor Perdue Introduces ‘Access to Flu Vaccines Act’

Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that Rep. Jimmy Pruett, one of the Governor’s floor leaders in the House, has introduced the Governor’s “Access to Flu Vaccines Act” legislation, HB 217, to the General Assembly. The legislation improves Georgians’ ability to receive a flu shot.
“Wide distribution of flu vaccinations is an important component of public health,” said Governor Perdue. “Receiving a vaccination reduces the likelihood of a recipient becoming infected with influenza, and is especially important to vulnerable populations like children and the elderly. The legislation we introduced today will make it easier for Georgians to receive their yearly flu shot.”

The “Access to Flu Vaccines Act” will allow physicians to enter into protocol agreements with pharmacists and registered nurses to allow the ordering and dispensing of flu shots without a physician’s individual prescription. To ensure quality control, physicians may issue no more than 10 standing orders with pharmacists and nurses within the same county or adjacent county to the physician’s primary place of business.

Physicians may also enter into more agreements with corporations with multiple locations such as drug stores and grocery store chains.

“This legislation improves our state’s public health by allowing more Georgians to receive a flu vaccination,” said State Representative Jimmy Pruett. “Pharmacists and registered nurses will be able to administer flu shots through protocol agreements with physicians.”
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