Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Changing The Way Scoliosis is Treated

24-7 -- The study found that "positive outcomes are maintained after 2 years because 45 (95.7%) of 47 patients stabilized or corrected their end of bracing Cobb angle up to 2 years after bracing."

In a second study comparing the effectiveness of the SpineCor soft brace with several traditional hard braces, the outcome showed that 96 percent of the patients wearing the SpineCor soft brace experienced a curvature progression of 5 degrees or less after 2 years of follow-up care. Whereas, only 15 percent of study patients wearing the traditional TLSO brace and 31 percent of study patients wearing the Providence brace experienced a 5 degree or less progression after two years of follow-up care. This clearly shows that the SpineCor soft brace successfully halts progression of the child's curvature when treated properly.

Scoliosis Specialists, a group of Chiropractors with offices in New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles, have been trained and using the soft brace for several years now and patients are experiencing very positive results.

"The SpineCor soft brace is a very exciting advancement in the treatment of pediatric idiopathic scoliosis and will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the way doctors treat the disease," explained co-founder of Scoliosis Specialists, Brian Ouellette, DC.

"The SpineCor brace gives the patient a level of comfort and flexibility which is nearly impossible in the traditional hard brace. Ultimately, it allows kids to be kids and to participate in physical activities such as gym class, soccer and dance class."

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