Tuesday, September 23, 2008

80 Georgia Lawmakers to Meet with Trauma Care Specialists Monday

80 Georgia lawmakers to meet with trauma care specialists Statewide briefing on trauma care on Monday, September 29 is free and open to health care providers, business and community leaders, educators, and the media at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot in downtown Atlanta

More than 80 Georgia legislators will meet next Monday, September 29, with dozens of trauma care professionals, other health care providers, and active stakeholders to brief government and the public on the status of the Georgia statewide trauma care system. Some 118 state lawmakers have signed on as hosts and supporters of this project, and they are working to develop a permanent funding source.

The Trauma Care in Crisis statewide briefing is expected to draw several hundred participants to the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot in downtown Atlanta for the luncheon forum from 10 AM till 1 PM.
The event is free and open to health care professionals and others interested in trauma care.

Topics covered by speakers and panelists will include an overview of the statewide trauma system, legislation, preparedness, the regional approach, communication, business, funding, and prevention.

Speakers representing major hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS), universities, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, and business organizations will present a variety of perspectives on how to establish and fund a comprehensive statewide trauma care system to serve all the people of Georgia.

The briefing is sponsored by Healthcare Georgia Foundation, a non-profit grantmaking institution that has funded a series of roundtables and forums facilitated by Atlanta-based Reece & Associates, a group that specializes in public policy and government relations.

Register online now > or call Christine Jordan at (404) 586-2100.

About Healthcare Georgia Foundation
Healthcare Georgia Foundation is a statewide, private independent foundation. The Foundation's mission is to advance the health of all Georgians and to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare for underserved individuals and communities. Through its strategic grantmaking, Healthcare Georgia Foundation supports organizations that drive positive change, promotes programs that improve health and healthcare among underserved individuals and communities, and connects people, partners and resources across Georgia.

For more information, please visit the Foundation online at www.healthcaregeorgia.org

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